The Bean Project Naked Trees Album Launch

July 22, 2017

The Bean Project Naked Trees Album Launch
In January Melbourne’s premier French-horn clad quintet The Bean Project recorded their debut album ‘Naked Trees’. After 3 months of touring the country, playing at Port Fairy Folk Festival, National Folk Festival and showcasing in Kansas City at Folk Alliance International, the 2016 FAA Artist of the Year are set to release the album on 22nd June supported by a national tour and a show at The Skylark Room on Saturday 22nd July supported by local acoustic trio The Anecdote.

‘Naked Trees’ is like a good whisky - strong, woody and rich, makes you think about your life and gives you a bubbling desire to dance. The album sways from enthusiastic groovy numbers such as ‘Gaps’ to tear-jerking singer-songwriter songs such as ‘Never Been More Alone.’ Inspired by the naked trees it is named after, the production took a no frills, no gimmicks, straight forward approach, using great microphones to record great performances. Described as ‘the odd marriage of James Taylor and The Cat Empire,’ The Bean Project’s premier record carves its own path in a highly saturated sonic landscape, and will be available on Spotify, iTunes and Bandcamp from 22nd June.

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